Chess Geeks French Lardy Wood Chess Set

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French Lardy Staunton Chess Pieces features a robust and elegant design with nice hand carved detailing on every piece. The pieces are all individually wrapped by hand. The level of artistry is outstanding and will impress players of all levels. Pieces are weighted well and feature green billiard cloth pads. The design, quality and craftsmanship of this chess set demonstrates a flawless combination of exquisiteness and functionality.

The French Lardy Chess Set evokes a sense of elegance and quality. These pieces are made from solid ebonized and natural Boxwood, beautifully designed with hand carved precision. Beyond pure aesthetic design, these pieces prioritize durability and ease of use. The incredible craftsmanship of the hand-carved pieces is matched by the durability of their well-weighted stable bases and green billiard cloth pads that land them comfortably on any board.

Chess is a game of maneuver and defense. The artisan designers of these pieces shaped the maneuvering pieces – Knights, Bishops, Rooks, Queens – with an attacking look, balanced by the majestic appearance of the defensive pieces, such as the King and Pawns. This impressive design coupled with the remarkable artistry has created a simple, yet elegant chess set that players of all levels can appreciate.

Free Bonus! Awesome New Silicone Chess Board

New stretchy silicone chess boards are absolutely the best. The board is very crease resistant, perfectly spill-proof and provides best possible chess playing experience.

Silicone boards feel indestructible, designed for players who plan to keep their boards in good shape for a long time. You can squish it, roll it up, wad it up in your hand and when you lay it back out, the silicone board immediately goes back to absolutely flat!

The board features 20” x 20” dimensions with 2.25” squares and algebraic chess notation. Resistant to stains, resilient to physically damage, and retains its original shapes easily.

Silicone boards are easy to roll-up or fold-up for storage, and excellent for the travelling chess player. Perfect for kids, beginners, and exceeds all tournament chess standards.

Free Bonus Chess Strategy Guide

Free bonus accompanying 16-page strategy guide fully and clearly explains all of the rules in the game of chess. The Strategy Guide included in the set explains all of the things a player at any level, from beginner on up, needs to know in order to play the game. This beautifully illustrated guide teaches chess openings, checkmate patterns, tactical ideas and strategies for chess mastery.

King Weight 2.1 Ounces
Set Name French Lardy Staunton Chess Pieces
Number Chess Pieces 32 Chess Pieces
Pieces Set Weight 39 Ounces
King Height 3.75 Inches Tall
Wood Materials Ebonized Boxwood & Natural Boxwood
King Base 1.5 Inches Wide
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