Chess Geeks Quadruple Weight Ivory Chess Pieces

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Quadruple Weight Chess Pieces

  • These pieces are awesome, traditional design, extra large and extra heavy
  • Professional quality, heavy plastic chess pieces featuring 4” king
  • Quadruple weight 4 pound set! Perfect for kids, adults and families
  • 34 chess pieces with green felt padded bottoms, promotional 4 queens
  • Bonus 16-page Strategy Guide teaches all of the rules of chess

Chess Geek’s prized quadruple weighted chess pieces are the best on the market for everyone from beginner to competitive players. The pieces are intricately designed; the set’s striking beauty and aesthetic appeal stands out in order to suit the tastes of any chess set enthusiast.

Known worldwide to be the best chess pieces! The pieces are big and heavy. The rooks and kings are tall. The queens have a pretty sharp crown. Put simply, once you go quadruple weight you’ll never go back to double weight, so if you’re in the market looking for a nice set of plastic pieces, look no further - these pieces rock!

The Staunton design chess pieces looks like regular chess pieces (doesn’t confuse the kids), feels substantial, is sturdy, and the pieces don’t fall over at the slightest nudge. These exceptionally durable pieces stand firmly in place when set down. They’re aesthetically pleasing in both use and appreciation.

Deluxe collector tournament chess set features Staunton design quadruple-weighted chess pieces! Well sculpted & cast plastic chess pieces are beautifully crafted, featuring a 4.0” King with a 1.875” diameter base. Heavy! Each of the pieces is very heavily weighted and the set weighs an impressive four pounds. Pieces feature thick green felt pads on the bottom for ease of play. This set includes a bonus two extra queens to accommodate for pawn promotions.

These deluxe collector tournament chess pieces feel absolutely luxurious with their extra heavy, extra large chess piece Staunton design. Perfect for playing with friends, school chess clubs, tournaments and blitz chess. These awesome chess pieces are designed to exceed all serious tournament specifications.

With their heavy weight and sleek design, this set is a must have. The well sculpted and cast plastic chess pieces are beautifully crafted. The quadruple weighted chess pieces are sturdy, heavy, attractive and most definitely the best. The set weighs 4 pounds!

Free Bonus Chess Strategy Guide

Free bonus accompanying 16-page strategy guide fully and clearly explains all of the rules in the game of chess. The Strategy Guide included in the set explains all of the things a player at any level, from beginner on up, needs to know in order to play the game. This beautifully illustrated guide teaches chess openings, checkmate patterns, tactical ideas and strategies for chess mastery.

Number Queens 4 (Four) Queens
Chess Pieces Weight 4 (Four) Pounds
Condition Brand-new item
Number Pieces 34 Chess Pieces
King Width 1.875" Diameter
King Height 4 (Four) Inches
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Customer Reviews

These chess pieces are fantastic!

Excellent delivery time and pieces are very good quality. My son will be able to teach his children much better with these nice large weighted chess pieces. Good purchase, would recommend again.

Reviewed on 03/31/2015
George S. DeMannis
New Jersey
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I am very happy with the product came on time excellent quality.

Reviewed on 07/31/2015
Moor park ca.
148 out of 298 customers found this review helpful.
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Loved them

Reviewed on 12/05/2016
13 out of 25 customers found this review helpful.
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Nice Pieces

King is really 4 1/8. People say the Queens have sharp edges on their crowns and they do. Just use some 800 grit sand paper to knock off the edges. Worth the money. Buy a large Crown Royal bag on ebay for a few bucks and a silicone chess board and you have nice travel set.

Reviewed on 01/16/2017
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