Chess Geeks Blue Silicone Chess Board

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Stretchy Silicone Chess Boards are made of an elastic silicone rubber. You can squish them, roll them, wad them up in your hand - and when you lay them back out, they immediately go back to absolutely flat! The board is very crease resistant, perfectly spill-proof and provides provides a great feel for chess piece movement.

The silicone chess board is particularly useful for players who plan to keep their boards in good shape for a long time. They are easier to care for than vinyl boards, and are resistant to stains. Compared to vinyl boards, silicone boards are also harder to physically damage, and will retain their original shapes easily. Silicone boards are easy to roll up for storage, and do not crease when stored in this way.

Currently available in green and black and blue, the silicone chess boards are 20” x 20”, with 2.25” squares and have Algebraic Notation on all sides. Boards roll up and unroll easily for storage; resist tears, and perfect for blitz chess. Silicone Chess Boards meet or exceed all tournament standards.

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Bonus silicone board

I did not really need this, but it was free with the order of my Chess set. So a little gift for my grand daughters. They're young, so a checkers set to go with it for them. This is very nice, soft and pliable, and sets very flat, even after being folded up on arrival.

Reviewed on 07/05/2016
Brownstown, MI
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