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  • Luxurious quadruple-weighted chess pieces weigh four pounds total
  • Comes with an extra set of queens to account for pawn promotions
  • Chess set’s king is 4 in. tall, and weighs 2.5 oz.
  • Silicone Chess Board, 20” x 20”
  • Features game box for convenient storage and travel
  • Accompanying strategy guide explains rules and key strategies of the game of chess

Given the name of this product, it’s logical to ask: what makes this chess set the best ever? A number of qualities help place our chess set above the competition. First, the set’s striking beauty and aesthetic appeal stand out. The pieces are intricately designed and quadruple-weighted in order to suit the tastes of any chess set enthusiast. As far as board size, material, and piece weight are concerned, this set is designed to meet all serious tournament specifications. Further, there is a Strategy Guide included in the set to explain all of the things a player at any level, from beginner on up, needs to know in order to play the game. And the Best Chess Set Ever features a durable silicone board and a convenient game box for storage and presentation.

The silicone chess board is particularly important for players who plan to keep their boards in good shape for a long time. They are easier to care for than vinyl boards, and are resistant to stains. Compared to vinyl boards, silicone boards are also harder to physically damage, and will retain their original shapes more easily. Silicone boards are easy to roll up for storage, and do not crease when stored.

The Best Chess Set Ever is designed for chess players of all levels of experience. While its specifications meet the demands of seasoned chess enthusiasts, the set is also tailored to suit newcomers and first-time chess players. It is regulation size for chess tournaments, and comes with a set of prized quadruple-weighted pieces. These pieces are the best on the market for competitive players, they stand firmly in place when set down, are more durable than lighter pieces, and are aesthetically pleasing in both use and appreciation.

The set comes with an accompanying 16-page Strategy Guide, which fully and clearly explains all of the rules of chess. The Best Chess Set Ever is thus also well suited to beginning chess players. The guide also offers some strategic and tactical tips for players interested in improving their game.

The Best Chess Set Ever comes with its own game box. With this accompanying game box, owners of the set can easily store their chess set and transport it with them when traveling. The game box also makes it easy to organize the components of the chess set, and to compactly store the pieces and board.

The Best Chess Set Ever is exactly that – the best chess set ever.

King Width 1.375" Diameter
Chess Pieces Weight 4 Pounds
Number Pieces 34 Chess Pieces, 1 Chess Board
Board Type Silicone Roll-up Chess Mat
King Height 4 Inches Tall
Board Size 20 Inches by 20 Inches
Number Queens 4 Queens
Board Square Size 2.25 Inches by 2.25 Inches
Condition Brand-new item
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10 Reviews

Customer Reviews

This chess set will be perfect for our grandson!

The size and detail of this set make it perfect for our grandson. The set is very well made and will stand the test of time,

Reviewed on 07/09/2015
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Perfect for Blitz Chess.

The set is nicely and heavily weighted. One drawback was the pointy coronets on the crown of the queen. With a few strokes of a needle file took care of the pointy crown and is a pleasure to play with. I've seen this set on other websites but not priced with a vinyl board added, that would be extra. A good deal.

Reviewed on 02/14/2015
George Dodaro
New York
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They're right it's the best chess set ever!!

I was very surprised on receiving the package!! Didn't know what to expect!! I was very pleased when I open it!! Solid big and heavy pieces!! Love it!!!! You would think this set would cost alot more then what they're giving away for.. Thanx

Reviewed on 06/06/2015
Blake Smith
155 out of 306 customers found this review helpful.
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Exactly as Advertised

Received my Best Chess Set Ever ahead of the scheduled date. Product was exactly as advertised an priced aggressively. I would buy from this seller again and recommend this seller to others.

Reviewed on 05/22/2015
Crosset Krupta
152 out of 300 customers found this review helpful.
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Like everything about this set....especially the box design.....makes everyone curious about it's content.

I like the the no nonsense way of having a sturdy box with a presumptuous label to store chess pieces and mat. The pieces are so nice...big...hefty....they are comforting to hold even if you are not playing a game. Two queens is a plus ...Great for all household ranges from 7 to 65....this is our favorite set.

Reviewed on 08/03/2015
149 out of 297 customers found this review helpful.
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Great set! Equally good service. Would buy from again.

Reviewed on 08/09/2015
153 out of 301 customers found this review helpful.
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I was skeptical at first, but this set definitely won me over.

Over the years, I've purchased many chess sets--often online--and aside from a beautiful Drueke set I picked up in Greenwich Village, all the wooden, stone, and plastic sets I've ever picked up have some things going for them, but lack others. The Best Chess Set Ever has EVERYTHING I want and now I'm thinking, "why was this ever so hard to find in the first place?!"

Honestly, I was pretty skeptical. First, I'm not used to seeing great chess sets on the store shelf. Second, the box is more of a cube than the flat, rectangles I'm used to. And last, there's no picture of the set on the box, just a simple (admittedly, pretty compelling) minimalist presentation that looks like what you would find if a RISD student designed something in the middle of a George Orwell novel. So, even though I bought it, I did so with apprehension, and with kinda low expectations.

That's why I was so surprised after taking a chance on this guy, opening it up, and finding everything I want in a chess set in one package.

I'll detail the features below:

-- Silicone mat - If you've never used one, then you're probably thinking about a mouse-pad material or vinyl mat shoved into a box. But this mat is a revelation. It looks normal, but feels like it's from the future. It feels light and totally malleable, and the only way I can describe it is: it feels like thinly-rolled pizza dough. Like if I were to toss it in the air, it would furl out, but once it landed, it would be flat and have some grip on the table. It doesn't feel like it will rip or wrinkle and should last a really long time. I'll stop there before I start talking easy clean up and sounding like the sham-wow guy.

-- Quad-weight pieces - Three good things about the pieces: tournament style, good feel, solid craftsmanship. Tournament style - the pieces and the mat are both tournament style and regulation. If you've not yet been to a tournament, that means the board feels expansive, and the pieces' base size feels proportional to the squares, not cramped. This is important because when all your good moves feel non-existent, the last thing you need is a sense of claustrophobia clogging your ability to see the one good move you have left. Chess shouldn't feel like a chore or, say, a Houdini-locked box at the bottom of the ocean (it just does sometimes). Good feel - When you move fast (brought about by the time clock dwindling, your anger at losing a piece, or your lust at making a kill) you want a piece that won't skitter and fall all over the mat. These pieces hold their ground. The weight is in the base, so when they get knocked, they act like (I assume) those fancy Japanese earthquake countermeasures. The point is, they stay upright. Solid craftsmanship - These are mass-produced pieces, so they have seams, but for mass-produced pieces, they are really well put together. In my set there were no plastic barbs and all the felt (they have felt on the bottom) is secure and not going to peel off.

-- Strategy Booklet - No thank you, Chessgeeks, I know how the pieces move. Oh, but what's this Anastasia's mate? and the Sicillian Najdorf I know, but this one graphic makes a lot of sense. And this matrix on positional v. tactical play is sort of a cool way to think about my moves. And the family fork I've never really thought about. And deflection is worth considering. Okay, someone knows what they're doing and this is an extremely concise way to explain some fairly complicated concepts. I might keep this guide with me a couple of days. I might even run through this knight's tour. Also, I really like the design.

-- Finally, the Box - When I bought this package, I thought for sure I was getting a goofy sized box. Only when I came home and went to put it away, was I suddenly like, "Oh, this fits a lot more easily than my other sets." My other sets go into my game cabinet, but this can fit on my bookshelf, or the table, or in a drawer. For me, the initial "why is this box so weird" has been replaced by "why do we use so many games with weird rectangular boxes?" The answer, now seemingly obvious, is that the board dictates the size. Here, the silicone let's the box be any size it wants to be. A small thing, but this has fundamentally changed the way I think about game storage.

My cons, because there should always be cons, are hard to come by. I think ideally the curtain of the top lid should come all the way to the bottom, so I can put this on my library shelf and not have to keep it out of sight; that would work because the design would let it fit into my space without screaming "PRODUCT." That's all I got on cons.

So, in the end, I come to this: if you like chess, and need a chess set, then this is the one you should buy.

Reviewed on 08/13/2015
Sam Davenport
156 out of 303 customers found this review helpful.
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It certainly is, but...

Have not played Chess in over 15 years and found about 5 of my old 'collectible' chess sets in my attic, but these I didn't want to use with other players. I want to get back into playing chess, so I looked for a decent chess set I could take around with me, should I look for a game with anyone. Came here and found the 'Best Chess Set Ever". It was everything I needed plus more, weighted pieces, big pieces, nice pieces and the silicone chess board is impossible to crease, or get dirty! I love this chess set!! -- PERFECT!!!

However, on Sunday I am sat by the swimming pool at my 'marina yacht club', deciding not to go out on my boat, but instead, sit in the shade, and read the 16 page strategy guide. But to my dismay, I didn't have the guide included??.. bummer! ..This is why rated 4.5 versus 5.0).

That said, .. after 15 years in hiding, ..I played numerous people that day, probably about 12 to 15 games against very good people and was 'undefeated' for the day.. it was one of the best days I ever had!!

I am keeping this set in my car, it will be with me everywhere I go.

Reviewed on 09/08/2015
Trev Morson
Aurora, IL
152 out of 305 customers found this review helpful.
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this is the best chess set ever

I love this set, the weight of the pieces is perfect. I'd rather have this set than any expensive set on the market, and the box is great for storage. I'm so glad that found this set on , Chess Geeks. Their service was fast. I would buy again.

Reviewed on 08/14/2016
14 out of 28 customers found this review helpful.
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Love the chess set

I bought the chess set for my first timer kids to learn with. The pieces are nicely weighted although the queens are pretty sharp at the edges. Love the silicone board. Overall, a more than value for money set.

Reviewed on 09/18/2016
First timer chess player
13 out of 26 customers found this review helpful.
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