Best Chess Set Ever
Best Chess Set Ever
Best Chess Set Ever
Best Chess Set Ever
Best Chess Set Ever
Best Chess Set Ever
Best Chess Set Ever
Best Chess Set Ever
Best Chess Set Ever

Best Chess Set Ever

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What is the Best Chess Set Ever?

The Best Chess Set Ever takes the best of the chess world and compiles it all in one place. The Tournament style Staunton chess pieces are large, easy to handle and have a weighted, felted base that makes them perfect for indoor our outdoor play. The Silicone board lays flat, and wipes clean so you don't have to worry about spills or creases. We also include our 32 page guide, “The Best Chess Strategy Guide Ever”. This guide features illustrated instructions that can help players of all skill levels whether you are just learning, or you are looking to take your skill to the next level. All of the components fit neatly into the included game box so you can take the Best Chess Set Ever with you everywhere.

Best chess set ever box

Whats in the Box?

  • 34 Triple or Quadruple weighted Tournament style chess pieces with extra queens.
  • Lay flat silicone chess board in Green or Black with algebraic notation
  • 32 Page Chess Strategy Guide that covers everything from basics to advanced attacks.
  • Convenient Best Chess Set Box holds all of the pieces and makes your set portable.
chess pieces

Triple or Quadruple weighted Tournament Chess Pieces

Play chess outside with this set of 34 triple or quadruple weighted chess pieces. These plastic filled pieces provide a high quality sturdy feel and won’t blow over in the wind. This this set you get 2 extra queens for pawn promotion and felt bottoms on all of the pieces so they slide smoothly.

Silicone chess board

Spill Resistant Silicone Chess Board

This 20” x 20” silicone chess board is ideal for players of all ages. We chose silicone since its spill resistant and always wipes clean, you also don’t have to worry about creases in the board when you fold it up in the box! Use the algebraic notation to follow along with puzzles or learn strategies more quickly!

  • Travel ready, roll-up and fold-up silicone board
  • Kid-friendly, spill and stain resistant material
  • Impenetrable to creases, chips and tears
  • 100% weather proof board and pieces
Chess Strategy Guide

Chess Strategy Guide

Our set includes an exclusive 32-page chess strategy guide offering everything you need to know to learn the basics and coordinate advanced attacks. The illustrated guide is organized by beginner, intermediate and advanced play level, helping players to develop strategic skills in increments. The Best Strategy Guide Ever is the critical, must-have handbook for players of every level.


  • King Height: 3.75” (triple) or 4” (quadruple)
  • Base Width: 1.75”
  • Square Size: 2”
  • Board Size: 20” x 20”
  • Algebraic Notation: Yes
  • Weighted Pieces: Yes
  • Double Queen: Yes
  • Set Weight: ~ 4 lbs


What is the difference between Triple and Quadruple weighted chess pieces?

A weighted chess piece has an extra weight inserted into the base of the piece to give it some additional sturdiness. This helps give your pieces some wind resistance, or from moving when your table is bumped. It also gives your pieces a solid high quality feel. A triple weighted piece has 3 weights in the bottom, where as a quadruple weighted piece has 4.