DGT Easy Plus Chess Clock in Black

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The DGT Easy Plus is a more sophisticated version of the successful DGT Easy clock. Of the two, only the Plus offers delay and increment timing options. It also features a sleek, ergonomic design and all at the best price, here at ChessGeeks. The DGT Easy Plus is the more sophisticated version of the popular DGT Easy chess clock. With several advanced options, the DGT Easy Plus represents a better alternative for competitive tournament players. Fans of the original DGT Easy will be pleased to see that the Plus model retains the ergonomic design and the easy setup modes of the DGT Easy. What truly sets the Plus apart from the DGT Easy is the capability to set delay and increment timing modes. Of the two clocks, only the DGT Easy Plus allows for both of these options, which can be of great use to many chess tournament players. A veteran player may prefer the more advanced capabilities of the DGT Easy Plus model, while the slightly more intuitive operation of the DGT Easy model has its own appeal.
Box Weight 6.25" x 5.75" x 3"
Product Dimensions 15 oz
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