Chess Geeks Black Vinyl Chess Board

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ChessGeek’s vinyl roll-up chess board is the all-purpose chess playing board for every chess player.

Vinyl Roll-up Board

  • Board features clear and legible algebraic notation.

  • Vinyl backed with cloth to allow easy, lightweight storage.

  • Excellent roll-up design and smooth playing surface.

  • Measures 20” by 20” with 2.25” squares.

  • Meets all blitz chess and tournament standards.

Board Type Vinyl Roll-up Chess Mat
Condition Brand-new item
Board Size 20 Inches by 20 Inches
Board Square Size 2.25 Inches by 2.25 Inches
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First Order with Chess Geeks

I'm a chess player. The board seems to do everything that I need for tournament play.

Reviewed on 04/18/2015
San Francisco, CA
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